Do you have chronic infections?

Some people have a history of mono (Epstein Barr Virus), Lyme, or other infection.  There is controversy amongst doctors whether these viruses are still active and causing symptoms such as fatigue.  Sometimes the blood tests are inconclusive and doctors disagree how to interpret them.  If the patient has a chronic low white blood count or if they are still fatigued after correcting all the imbalances in the above 4 checklist items, I will do a comprehensive evaluation for the most common viruses, Lyme and co-infections.

In Functional Medicine, we view chronic infections as a failure of the immune system to clear the infection or to keep the virus or spirochete in remission.  We work to enhance immune function by making sure the bacteria in your digestive tract is healthy with beneficial flora and that there’s no overgrowth of yeast, harmful bacteria or parasites.

The simplest thing you can do is take a probiotic to help this process, and we give GI Flora Support to all patients who need immune support.  In general, 1/day is fine, unless you also have digestive issues, and then you should take 2 per day.  Buy now

We also prescribe immune supporting herbs and supplements tailored to each individual person.

Your internist:  views these infections as old and does not have any tools for improving the functioning of your immune system.